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Radio538 Queensday 2011 (Museumplein, Amsterdam) The Netherlands (30-04-2011)

BLACK (Ethias Arena, Hasselt), Belgium (23-04-2011)

Sensation – Celebrate Life (Ethias Arena, Hasselt), Belgium (12-03-2011)

ENERGY 2011 – WE ARE THE NETWORK (RAI, Utrecht), The Netherlands (19-02-2011)

Qlimax (Gelredome, Arnhem). The Netherlands (27-11-2010)

Q-Base (Airport Weeze). Germany (11-09-2010)

Mysteryland (Haarlemmermeer). The Netherlands (28-08-2010)

Tomorrowland – Sunday (Recreational Area “De Schorre”, Boom). Belgium (25-07-2010)

Tomorrowland – Saturday (Recreational Area “De Schorre”, Boom). Belgium (24-07-2010)

Ten Years of Q-Dance, De Feestfabriek (Amsterdam ArenA). The Netherlands (10-07-2010)

Sensation (Amsterdam ArenA). The Netherlands (03-07-2010)

Defqon.1 (Almere Strand). The Netherlands (12-06-2010)

Bacardi Visita. Las Palmas II (Rotterdam). The Netherlands (22-05-2010)

Queensday. Museumplein (Amsterdam). The Netherlands (30-04-2010)

In Qontrol. RAI (Amsterdam). The Netherlands (17-04-2010)

Trance Energy. Jaarbeurs (Utrecht). The Netherlands (03-04-2010)

BLACK. Ethias Arena (Hasselt). Belgium (20-03-2010)

Sensation White. Ethias Arena (Hasselt). Belgium (13-03-2010)

Bacardi Visita. Pureliner (Amsterdam). The Netherlands (20-02-2010)

Qlimax. Gelredome (Arnhem). The Netherlands (21-11-2009)

Q-Base. Airport Weeze. Germany (12-09-2009)

Bacardi Visita. Undercurrent Spaces (Amsterdam). The Netherlands (15-08-2009)

Tomorrowland. De Schorre. Belgium (26-07-2009)

Tomorrowland. De Schorre. Belgium (25-07-2009)

Sensation White. Amsterdam ArenA. The Netherlands (04-07-2009)

Defqon.1. Almere Beach. The Netherlands (26-04-2009)

In Qontrol. RAI, Amsterdam. The Netherlands (26-04-2009)

BLACK. Ethias Arena, Hasselt. Belgium (21-03-2009)

Trance Energy. Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (07-03-2009)

Bacardi Visita. Duintjer CS, Amsterdam (31-01-2009)

Dirty Dutch. RAI, Amsterdam (29-11-2008)

Dance4Life. Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (29-11-2008)

Mysteryland. Haarlemmermeer (23-08-2008)

Bacardi B-Live. Paradiso, Amsterdam (09-08-2008)

Tomorrowland Belgium. Recreatiegebied de Schorre (27-07-2008)

Tomorrowland Belgium. Recreatiegebied de Schorre (26-07-2008)

Sensation Black. Amsterdam, ArenA (12-07-2008)

Sensation White. Amsterdam, ArenA (05-07-2008)

Queensday. Museumplein, Amsterdam (30-04-2008)

Bacardi B-Live. off_corso, Rotterdam (07-03-2008)

Trance Energy 2008. Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (24-02-2008)

Bacardi B-Live. 013, Tilburg (27-10-2007)

Costa del Soul. IJburg, Amsterdam (21-07-2007)

Sensation Black. Amsterdam ArenA (14-07-2007)

Sensation White. Amsterdam ArenA (07-07-2007)

Bacardi B-Live. BG Post CS, Amsterdam (24-06-2007)

Sensation Black Belgium (30-03-2007)

Sensation White Belgium (31-03-2007)

Bacardi B-Live. Off Corso, Rotterdam (23-03-2007)

Bacardi B-Live. 013, Tilburg (23-12-2007)

Dance4Life. Gelredome, Arnhem (25-11-2006)

Mysteryland. Haarlemmermeer (26-08-2006)

Distant Heat. Wadi Rum desert, Joran Kingdom (27-07-2006)

Dance Valley. Spaarnwoude (15-07-2006)

Sensation Black. Amsterdam ArenA (08-07-2006)

Sensation White. Amsterdam ArenA (01-07-2006)

Radio538 Koninginnedagconcert. Museumplein, Amsterdam (29-04-2006)

Bacardi Batbeats. Now&Wow, Rotterdam (17-03-2006)

Trance Energy. Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (11-02-2006)

B-Live, Melkweg (22-09-2006)

Innercity. RAI, Amsterdam (17-12-2005)

Bacardi Batbeats. Nijmegen (19-11-2005)

Bacardi Batbeats. 013, Tilburg (24-09-2005)

Mysteryland. Haarlemmermeer (27-08-2005)

Dance Valley. Spaarnwoude (07-08-2005)

Bacardi Batbeats. Naturel, Scheveningen (23-07-2005)

Sensation Black. Amsterdam ArenA (09-07-2005)

Sensation White. Amsterdam, ArenA (02-07-2005)

Bacardi Batbeats. Winkel van Sinkel, Utrecht (14-05-2005)

Radio555. Dam, Amsterdam (06-01-2005)

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