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Mar 132015

Abandoned theme park, Parque de la Ciudad (Buneos Aires, Argentina)
View from the 200 meter high tower

The Parque de la Ciudad (English: City Park) is a former amusement park in the Villa Soldati neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The park was planned by the administration of Mayor Osvaldo Cacciatore in 1978, appointed by Argentina’s last military government. The administration envisaged the park as the centerpiece of efforts to revitalize the dilapidated Villa Soldati ward.

Construction began at the end of 1978. The park was planned on a 120 hectare undeveloped lot located near the Parque Zoofitogeografico. The construction required the eviction of remote area’s slums, as well as numerous, small landowners; some roads required pavement to allow construction machinery access to the site.


The park was inaugurated as Parque Interama on September 21, 1982. Its sixty attractions included the “Aconcagua” roller coaster, the “Scorpion” double giant wheel, “Vertigorama” double roller coaster, Aerogondolas (the longest Sky Ride in Latin America), the musical fountain, and a miniature railway circulating around the perimeter of the park. The Tower reached 208 m (682 ft) upon topping out in 1982, and became the tallest structure in Argentina today.

The park struggled with setbacks from before its opening as it failed to attract the number of 15 million yearly visitors projected by the city. Annual attendance reached 1.1 million in 1985, and declined afterward. The addition of an Imax cinema was later planned, but was ultimately canceled. The park’s deteriorating condition led to its closure by Mayor Aníbal Ibarra in October 2003, and though it was reopened three years later, ongoing safety concerns led to its renewed closure in March 2008

Abandoned theme park, Parque de la Ciudad (Buneos Aires, Argentina)
The water ride’s all dried up now

Abandoned theme park, Parque de la Ciudad (Buneos Aires, Argentina)
“Bayern Kurve”

Abandoned theme park, Parque de la Ciudad (Buneos Aires, Argentina)
“Alpen Blitz”

Abandoned theme park, Parque de la Ciudad (Buneos Aires, Argentina)
Do not enter anymore

Abandoned theme park, Parque de la Ciudad (Buneos Aires, Argentina)
The silent octopus

Abandoned theme park, Parque de la Ciudad (Buneos Aires, Argentina)
“Montana Rusa Infantil” Mickey and Minnie are still smiling

Abandoned theme park, Parque de la Ciudad (Buneos Aires, Argentina)
Remnants of the Aerogondola, once the longest in Latin America

Abandoned theme park, Parque de la Ciudad (Buneos Aires, Argentina)
What happens if I press this button?

Abandoned theme park, Parque de la Ciudad (Buneos Aires, Argentina)
Waiting for another ride…

Abandoned theme park, Parque de la Ciudad (Buneos Aires, Argentina)
He looks kind of sad, doesn’t he?

Abandoned theme park, Parque de la Ciudad (Buneos Aires, Argentina)
The “Vertigorama” double roller coaster in erie silence

Abandoned theme park, Parque de la Ciudad (Buneos Aires, Argentina)
If you’re really silent you can still hear people screaming.

Jun 162014

7th Sunday Festival 2014

7th Sunday Festival 2014

Client: WATN
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Jan 042014

Even though I easily shoot more than a hundred thousand photos each year, there are only a few that make it to a special place in my heart. Quite often these are not the images that get the most views on my Facebook but they are pictures that mean the most to me. Either because they were (extremely) hard to take or they were made at special moments in the past year. So, I have made a selection of 15 precious shots that defined 2013 for me. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did making them!

© 2013 www.rudgr.com

The 15 best of 2013 - "Blue&White"
1/15 “Blue&White”
Zweisimmen, Switzerland

After a lengthy, no-sun, powder day on the slopes we were in the last gondola up when a small bit of sunshine slowly drifted into the direction of this mountain top. Since we were about to arrive I grabbed the camera from my bag in record time, set it up properly and raced out of the cart as soon as the doors opened. I had literally just seconds to photograph after I rushed out. It was the only sunshine we saw that day and this image still amazes me every time I see it.

The 15 best of 2013 - "Year of the Snake"
2/15 “Year of the Snake”
Antwerp, Belgium

Now I’m not known for my studio and still works but through a customer I was asked to photograph the Challenger MT765D “Field Viper” – a massive agricultural piece of equipment with a custom decal snake print for their new poster. My assistant Kevin (MIttnick.nl) and I arranged for daylight lamps and a smoke machine. Together with 4 wireless strobes we set up lighting this giant in clouds of smoke. There was some serious post-processing involved in removing the background but the result was worth it!

The 15 best of 2013 - "Close Call"
3/15 “Close Call”
Paradiski, France

My final wintersports shoot took place in the high mountains of Les Arcs, France. Photographing the Ski test for the Dutch Ski Association I’d been busy all week and had planned for an hour of extreme close-up shooting with the testers/models participating. All had to be done early in the morning so the snow was cold and hard (shooting “corduroy” is fun!).
There was a very nice place with a great background and good run-in for the models but since I would be shooting against the sun I needed to fill-in flash every photo which meant: one picture per run. And with these guys (and girls) coming in at 40 Km/h and near missing me by half a meter, timing was crucial. I had a good batch after that hour but in this one everything came together perfectly: color, speed, position and smile!

The 15 best of 2013 - "The Moneyshot"
4/15 “The Moneyshot”
Ultra Music Festival, Miami, USA

Quite possibly this is the most technically difficult live-photo I’ve ever taken. After 5 days of shooting Ultra Music Festival in Miami I had a picture in my head of a semi-blurred girl dancing amidst an ocean of confetti. The motion blur meant I would be using a low shutter time which meant a huge chance for error. With the confetti canons ready to go I kept scanning the crowd non-stop and exactly at the right time a ton of gold pieces were blown over the dancing crowd and this girl with the flag behind her. It all seems completely fake but this picture is almost straight from the camera.

The 15 best of 2013 - "Backstage with The Prodigy"
5/15 “Backstage with The Prodigy”
Indian Summer Festival, the Netherlands

I’m not a usually a “fan” of many artists I shoot but the Prodigy is a big exception, I’ve been bouncing to their music since I was a kid and suddenly I got the opportunity to photograph them at the Indian Summer Festival that I was photographing for the organization. After the initial contact with the tour manager I was granted extremely rare full-access, including the moments right before show start. Being on stage minutes before the action there’s a really weird vibe that you can almost touch but can’t photograph due to the total lack of light. However, a few streaks of blue light were enough to capture that short and intense moment. After the show the whole band came out to check out my photos and this was by far their favorite since they are hardly ever captured in that intense and private moment.

The 15 best of 2013 - "Halfwater Paradise"
6/15 “Halfwater Paradise”
Vilhamendhoo Island, Maldives

Sometimes you have to get up early to get the shot. While photographing the impressive underwater wildlife of the Maldives for a Dutch diving magazine I noticed low tide was very early in the morning. This made it perfect for a half water shot I was hoping to do with the island jungle as a background. Because the early light comes in low it lights up the reef while the light on land was not yet strong enough to blow out my photo. The tide was so low that it exposed some of the corals, like this splendid purple staghorn which I accentuated by adding some strobe light.

The 15 best of 2013 - "Swimming with the Sharks"
7/15 “Swimming with the Sharks”
Digurah, Maldives

Going to the Maldives you hope to see some live whalesharks. So going on my first trip to find them we got lucky very early on in the search. While taking some pics of the animal itself I really wanted to show the interaction of snorkeling with these gracious creatures. Trying again and again to position myself in a way I’d get both animal and human in a single shot, preferably with s bit of wave, I finally hit the sweet spot with this photo. It should make you feel like wanting to be there yourself and have this amazing experience.

The 15 best of 2013 - "Abandoned Tropical Swimming Pool"
8/15 “Abandoned Tropical Swimming Pool”
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Through an amazing coincidence I found access into one of the most sought after Urbex locations in the Netherlands: an abandoned tropical swimming pool in the heart of Rotterdam, Tropicana – a place where I’d been many times as a kid. Since I’m not a huge fan of shooting fake looking high dynamic range pictures and I had a good hour to spend I decided to take a more clean looking approach to this impressive structure. The series, posted on the popular photoblog Totallycoolpix.com went viral almost instantly and it was shared and tweeted countless times. Besides that I got swamped with requests for access and security hard a couple of rough weeks afterwards with many photogs trying to gain access.

The 15 best of 2013 - "Tomorrowland Helicopter Madness View"
9/15 “Tomorrowland Helicopter Madness View”
Boom, Belgium

In 2012 I did the first experiments taking night-time aerial pictures at large EDM events. Taking photos in the dark from a shaking helicopter takes a lot of practice and technique and this year I was able to improve big-time on my first initial shoots. The feeling of hanging above 40.000 people in an open chopper (they take the door out for me) is simply indescribable but when you end up with pictures like these it’s so much worth the stress en effort!

The 15 best of 2013 - "Unesco World Heritage View"
10/15 “Unesco World Heritage View”
Ultra Music Festival, Split, Croatia

The first edition of Ultra Europe took place this year at the coastal town of Split, one of my favorite places in Europe. After two days of shooting the main event we transferred to the island of Hvar for an epic pool party. The filming crew offered me a chance to hop onboard for their two hour (!!!) heli flight needed for the after movie. Such opportunities cannot be left untouched so I hopped on for the ride of my life. Flying over the island, the Adriatic Sea and finally the old Unesco World Heritage center of Split at a perfectly timed sunset was priceless. If this doesn’t make you want to go there, what else will?

The 15 best of 2013 - "Girls just wanna have Fun!"
11/15 “Girls just wanna have Fun!”
Tomorrowworld, Atlanta, USA

Top EDM-filmer Kevin Gansemans and I have developed a habit of tagging along eachother while bringing huge sunbouncers (reflection screens) to the parties we photograph. Tomorrowworld was no different and after scouting various people for filming and photographing we came across these two dancing girls that we tried to capture at sunset using the reflected light. It turned out incredibly hard to photograph from this angle but the result is one of my favorite EDM pics of the year and Kevin got one of his best shots from the weekend as well.

The 15 best of 2013 - "The Arch fits exactly"
12/15 “The Arch fits exactly”
St.Louis, USA

While on family vacation enjoying the 43 °C degree heat of St.Louis we decided we couldn’t leave town without a visit to the famous Arch, monument to the conquering of the west of the US. The weird elevator ride to the top is a ton of fun (especially bringing young kids) but the view was even better. Shooting through tiny windows I had to squeeze every bone of my body into weird angles just to get the framing perfect. I had literally not a centimeter of leverage but then I got my “capture it all” shot!

The 15 best of 2013 - "Stars over Michigan"
13/15 “Stars over Michigan”
Sleeping Bear Dunes, USA

The Michigan sky certainly was helpful this year. While staying at a perfect cabin near the Sleeping Bear Dunes national park I just had to look skyward at night to see the photo opp. Marty, a friendly neighbor we met at the place was more than willing to help me out in getting the perfect shot. I set him up at the jetty and use a little LED-torch as a fill-in light while doing a 30 second exposure to capture the Milky Way. I just love the way the shot brings out the magic that we all experienced over there.

The 15 best of 2013 - "Simply Armin"
14/15 “Simply Armin”
Ultra Music Festival, Split, Croatia

For me 2013 was really the year of Armin. Been wanting to shoot one of his gigs as dedicated photog for ages and I finally managed to set up contact in March with his production crew. After sending photos to him after every gig I came across him we finally got working together for the Amsterdam kick-off of his amazing new Armin Only ‘Intense’ world tour. A show so good, it turned into a massive photo frenzy with so many things to photograph. Still, this one, taken at Ultra Europe is among my favorite Armin photos from the whole year. All the emotion is there, it is like you can touch the music…

The 15 best of 2013 - "Number one…"
15/15 “Number one…”
Sleeping Bear Dunes, USA

But the most important thing is still this: my family. As much as I love travelling the world taking pictures it is always better to come home to what you love absolutely the most.

Sep 062013

The insane nightsky over Michigan

Michigan Milky Way

The sunset over Michigan

These photos were taken at the Sleeping Bear Resort during a spell of incredible Michigan night skies! The star shots are actually not as hard as you would think, just grab a tripod, set for 30 second exposure at fully opened aperature (f/2.8) and 1600ISO. Slightly add highlights in Lightroom and a bit of clarity – that’s all!

Jul 222013

Tropicana: An Abandoned Tropical Indoor Swimming Pool

The Tropicana Indoor Swimming Pool was once a big attraction in the city of Rotterdam. Through some amazing coincidence I got access to the now abandoned pool area – a rare Urbex shoot from me so to speak. I hope you like them, for me it was a total trip ‘down memory lane’!

July 2013
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Full series here!
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Tropicana: An Abandoned Tropical Indoor Swimming Pool

Tropicana: An Abandoned Tropical Indoor Swimming Pool

Tropicana: An Abandoned Tropical Indoor Swimming Pool

Tropicana: An Abandoned Tropical Indoor Swimming Pool

Tropicana: An Abandoned Tropical Indoor Swimming Pool

Tropicana: An Abandoned Tropical Indoor Swimming Pool

Tropicana: An Abandoned Tropical Indoor Swimming Pool

Tropicana: An Abandoned Tropical Indoor Swimming Pool

Tropicana: An Abandoned Tropical Indoor Swimming Pool

Dec 312012

2012 You Were Amazing!

Thank you everybody to make this the most amazing (photography) year EVER!

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Jun 202012

New "RUDGR.com" Text & Logo test (on Fedde le Grand)

For a multitude of school writing paper reasons, I have decided to switch back to my former i.d. Rudgr.com. First of all I feel the need for a less-Dutch name but mostly I’d like to restore a more personal touch to my work as a photographer. Hopefully, using my own name again will help accomplish that a little.

In terms of my website, nothing much will change. This years new design was pre-set for the change. Most notably will be a new copyright for all my web-based photos and a more personal touch to my work as a photographer.

Keep an eye open at this website www.rudgr.com (in progress) and my Twitter or Facebook!

Hope you will like the change and let me know what you think,


Dec 302011

New Years Card 2012

New Years Card 2012

Images (left to right):
Dolf van der Wal, World Championships Snowboarding in La Molina (Spain). January
Martini Royal. Series for Bacardi-Martini, taken in various image outlets in the Netherlands over the course of a week. April
The best party of the year: Tomorrowland in Belgium. Still getting goosebumps from that crowd! July
Lankayan Island sunset for National Geographic Traveler, Malaysia. September
Toneshifterz, photographed with the remote-cam at Q-Base. Also nice as time-lapse! September
Mindblowing Petra, Jordan trip for Duikmagazine. October
Sun Anemone on Black Coral in the Gulf of Aqaba. October
Friendly Oman, welcomed with tea in a shop in Muscat. Trip for Oman Tourism. April
The best view of Gran Canaria, family trip for Duikmagazine. May
Pygmee Elepahants in the Kinabatangan rainforest. National Geographic Traveler. September
Inside card: Anemone fish in Malaysian Borneo: Lankayan Island.

Dec 282010

As the physical cards have now been sent by traditional snailmail it’s time to drop one online:

New Years Card 2011: Joy! [Front]

New Years Card 2011: Joy! [Back]

The photos are:
Couple Kissing at Awakefest 2010 (Techno party), Caribbean Carnaval In Aruba, The Eildons in Autumn Scotland, Truckload full off market gooers in deep Uganda (video here), ANWB Fashion shoot in Pitztal, Sailing the Dutch Wadden Islands, Unox NewYears Dive, The Ultimate Bacardi shot, Unox Boerenkool, Queensday megapanorama.

The birth of our second child; Luc Steven Geerling is welcomed into our family. Hello World!

Jan 012010

Fotograferen.net Christmas 2010 Card, front

Thank you for reading my blog in such large numbers the last couple of years, recently I past 500.000 pageviews on my site in 4 years and the Flickr photohosting took well over half a million views, in 2009 alone!

So, I´d like to wish everybody all the best for 2010 and please enjoy the holidays.

Rutger Geerling

Fotograferen.net Christmas 2010 Card, back

On the card (front, left to right): Contestant at the first Dutch marathon on natural ice in 12 years (January). My wife and daughter enjoying Spain (March). Panoramic view of the Austrian Alps near the Schwarzsee, Kitzbuhel (June). Idols winner Nikki at the Queensday concert in Amsterdam (April). A diver at the amazing Blue Hola divespot in Korcula, Croatia (September). The amazing island El Hierro and it´s volcanic scenery (Oktober). People dancing great Bacardi Beats at Visita, Rotterdam (March). The most impressive gig of the year: Tomorrowland Belgium (July). Britte van der Pouw ripping some pow in Les 2 Alpes, France (December 2008).

On the card (back): Grey Whale at a whale watching in Tofino, Vancouver Island (Canada).